We are actively working on merging all customer accounts into one single point of access, but in the mean time unfortunately we have to ask you to manage your Bibbidi accounts individually. Thanks for you patience as we work to make your customer experience even better! :)

Let's break it down shall we?

Each Bibbidi subscriber has 2 main portals for managing your subscription. Each one offers a vital tool to ensure you have the best experience possible with our company! You can access each of these portals by clicking the "Log In" button on the top corner of the website.


1. Subscription Manager

  • This is the account you created when you subscribed to our service.
  • Once you log in here, you can edit your subscription product, change your personal information (such as your address), skip a renewal, or cancel your subscription any time at your convenience.
  • To log in, simply click the "Log In" button located on the top of the website


2. Preference Manager

  • Your preference manager account is the account you were prompted to create after you subscribed
  • The preference manager is where you answer the extended survey and questionnaire so that we can get to know you better. This is a vital tool in ensuring that you get the most out of our service. 
  • To log in, simply click the "Update Preferences" button at the top of your account page


3. ClubBB

  • You can only access the ClubBB account if you have an active subscription in the current shipment cycle. Every month you will have access to your ClubBB account where you can "heart" or wishlist items you would like to see in your box.
  • Note - if you skip your renewal you will not gain access to ClubBB for the month you do not have an active subscription
  • To log in, simply click the "Log In" button in the corner of the website, then click "Launch Wishlist" from the top of your account page
  • You can find a step-by-step walkthrough of the wishlist here: ClubBB Wishlist Walkthrough