Wondering when your box will ship? No problem, let's break it down!


New Subscribers: For Bibbidi, everything boils down to the date you ordered your box. Check your order confirmation email for the day you placed your order. (Remember, Bibbidi operates on EST, so if you are a night owl and placed your order late you may or may not have just squeaked by!)

If you subscribed BEFORE the 15th at 11:59pm EST then your box will ship in the same month you placed your order.

If you subscribed AFTER the 15th at 11:59pm EST then your box will ship the following month.

Existing Subscribers: If your box renewal processed in the current month, then your box will ship in the same month as the renewal took place.

Gift Boxes/Single Purchase Orders: All single-purchase boxes follow the same shipment cycle.

In order to give every subscriber the opportunity to complete all the customization options, we ship boxes in order of wishlist date and preference manager completion/update date. So if you have completed your preferences and wishlist early in the month, there is a good chance your box will ship early. 

We begin shipping by the 7th of the month, and ship all the way up to the last day of the month in order to give our customers every opportunity possible to complete the wishlist and preferences, since these tools are key in enjoying your Bibbidi box to the fullest! Please note: Bibbidi Wizard Boxes continue shipping until the 5th of the following month!


You will receive an email with shipping confirmation and tracking information so you can track your shipment while it makes its way to your door.