We can't wait to make this magic for you! Here's a step by step for logging in to Club BB to customize your order.

NEW SUBSCRIBERS PLEASE NOTE: If you've just placed an order, it can take up to 48 hours for our system to synch up before you can customize your box! Check back in two days and you'll be able to log in then. This is a one time delay for new orders. 

Your first step is logging in on BibbidiBoxes.com - look for the person icon at the top right.

From there, you'll see an order screen like the one attached - click on the blue order number. 

The next screen will have a purple pop up button 'Launch Club BB'


From there, you can view your subscription tracking process, as well as answer the Preference Manager questions and 'heart' items on your Wishlist! 

The Preferences are a list of questions, please be as detailed as possible and check off as many items as you'd like to receive! The more item types you check off (i.e. bags, decor, apparel, accessories, collectibles), the greater variety you'll have for boxes to come. 

The Wishlist is different each month and includes pages of items where you 'heart' any you would like to see in your box - hearted items are never guaranteed but we do our best with what's in stock :) We do upload items throughout the month if you'd like to keep checking back.