If one box just isn't enough magic for you, or perhaps you want to purchase a gift, you can add boxes to your account by following the following instructions.

1. Navigate to our website bibbidiboxes.com

2. Shop the boxes and/or products you would like to add. In this example we will suppose you want to add a Sparkle sticker subscription to your existing account.

3. Select the product you would like to add, follow the subscribe flow (if any), and add the box to your cart.

4. Once on the cart page, click the "Log In" button at the top of the page and log-in to your Bibbidi Subscription Manager account.

5. Once you log in, you will see your account details. You can now click the "CART" button to be directed back to your cart.

6. Review your cart details, and click the "Checkout" button to purchase the box(es) in your cart!

7. You will notice all your shipment details have been preloaded into your cart. If you want a one-time box (non-renewing) you can click "This is a gift". If you would like this to be a renewing box, leave this box blank, enter your payment details, and click "Checkout".

8. That's it! Now you have added a subscription to your existing account. When you log in to your subscription manager account, you will not see all your subscriptions.