Number of Items:

This depends on your order tier. You can always expect to get the same value in items as your order amount. For example, a "Bibbidi Classic" order at the $64.99 level will include 3-5 or more items whose value add up to $64.99 or more. You can learn more about what's included in each tier by exploring the "Shop Subscriptions" page of the website.


Types of Items:

We offer a unique blend of both Licensed and small shop merchandise, as well as merchandise that can only be purchased at Parks and Resorts. We only include items we ourselves would love. 

We also partner with several small shops to offer Bibbidi-exclusive items, or items that can ONLY be found by shopping with Bibbidi! :)

By utilizing the preference manager, you can tell us more about yourself, and customize the types of items you would like to receive (i.e. Ears, Purses, Figurines, Home Decor, etc)